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A round the world trip in more than 80 days.

Why this blog ?

Our aim : travel and discover the world during 353 days and through some fifhteen countries. We are hoping that this blog will allow us to share the experience with our family and friends thanks to the posts and photos that we will be publishing and also thanks to their comments.

Currently ...

now. For the moment, we are gently readapting from nomadic to sedentary life.



Next stop : Baños, Spanish for “Baths”. This hint will give you an idea about the main attraction of this little town, built in a deep valley of the Pastaza River. Its thermal waters, rich in sulphur, flows from the nearby volcano (which is still active, the last eruption was in 2006). Thanks to its healing waters, it has been for centuries an Ecuadorian national tourism Mecca. The town smells holidays and is full of souvenir, melcocha (toffee), sugar cane and buoy shops.

The local Virgin is very popular also. The church dedicated to her is decorated with many paintings depicting her “miracles” over the centuries and, at any time of the day, families are coming to light candles (a very popular activity all through Ecuadorian churches).

The most well-known baths are a set of open-air water basins built at the foot of a waterfall. Except in the early morning, it is full of people. With such a multitude of children and parents playing and shouting at each other covering the sound of the near by waterfall, it is hardly a relaxing experience. But still, it is a fun atmosphere and we enjoyed it.